54 comentarios el “UNIT 5. REPRODUCTION (Sexual reproductive system)

  1. Hello Oscar,
    I can´t see the presentation because it stop at the middle of it. The first part of the presentation I think that don´t matter because it is about harassment and don´t talk about this unit. But the videos of youtube I think that are great.
    Good bye.

  2. Hello Óscar, in the first video the part thatn I enjoy more are when the cells are all in group walking and the thing that I don’t enjoy are when the spermatozoons can’t go into de egg,omly one.Thanks:)

  3. Oscar, I saw a half prezi, cause it was EEENNNOOOORRRMOOOUUUUSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d like to learn about that online program, i’d like to make my science presentation there in the future!

    Thanks Oscar. AlejandroskyMC

    PD: I chose a gravatar… its a STEVE! From Minecraft. :3

  4. Thx oscar for sharing this to our community. It was very clear and easy to understand. I dont understand the ejaculation in the male’s reproductive system. Could u explain it to me? Thanks. AlejandroskyMC


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